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This is not just a kids’ toy – Aqua Lily Pads are great for adult parties, too.

The pad is 6 feet wide x 18 feet long x 1-3/8 inches thick, weighing less than 30 lbs. It has yellow and green surfaces with fun graphics. The rolled pads are only 2 feet in diameter, never absorb water and are easy to transport while being able to float with distributed weight of over 1300 pounds.

This pad is made up of cross linked foam – preferred for marine applications (such as off shore buoys) – versus non cross linked foam used in pool noodles. Extra carbon bond between polymer chains makes the product very durable for outdoor applications and reduces water absorption.

Each Aqua Lily Pad comes with two Velcro® straps to hold the rolled pad in place for easy storage, as well as a mooring device which allows easy attachment of your pad to your boat, dock or anchor.

You and all your friends can sit, walk, run and relax on this amazing pad. It is virtually maintenance free without the puncture worries that come with inflatable products. With reasonable care, it will deliver years of water fun.

Call it a water pad, water toy, water raft, water mat, water float or a portable island – our customers call it FLOATING FUN!

No more Inflating, Deflating or Patching your Water Toys!

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