Aqua Lily Pad Advantages

The Aqua Lily Pad name, including our foam color combination (Yellow / Green), have been certified as Registered Trade Marks (Reg. No. 4,476,351) from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We will NEVER sell a Pad without our Aqua Lily Pad graphics on the pads. Our graphic film contains a proprietary, multi-component, UV Stabilization Package that aids in the protection of the foam from sun damage. Pads sold in the market, with or without graphics, DO NOT contain this proprietary UV Stabilization Package. For this reason, our tests reveal that no other product has the surface longevity of the Aqua Lily Pad. Our Proprietary UV package was designed for, and has proven to exceed, 3 years outdoors in the California climate, pursuant to proper care and use as outlined in our Owner’s Manual. Longer periods (4-5 years) are being experienced in less sun intensive and seasonal climates.

Tether System:

Aqua Lily Pads are an evolutionary product, constantly finding ways to produce better, safer, more durable products. Because of this philosophy, Aqua Lily Pad has recently designed and invested in the development of a proprietary Tether Snap (grommet) mold. The design incorporates a “one-time snap” design that is easily installed when purchased as an accessory. The primary tether system comes factory installed on our pads and has no sharp edges or points. Because it is not metal, it does not get excessively hot in direct sunlight nor does it pose a hazard to exposed body parts from extreme heat. Additionally, Aqua Lily Pad also replaced the previous galvanized metal spring clip with a superior marine grade nylon spring clip which will never corrode in fresh or salt water environments.


All Aqua Lily Pad two-layer foam products contain our proprietary FlexCore Technology. FlexCore adds reinforcement to the foam providing puncture through and rip stop resistance, (liken to rip stop nylon used in tents).
FlexCore adds strength without adding weight or roll memory to the pad. We have seen other pads on the market that describe a woven fabric in the core or on the surface. This type of fabric adds weight to the product, as much as 10 lbs. per average pad length, but more importantly, makes those pads difficult to roll up. These fabrics add stiffness also causing pads to exhibit “roll memory”. Roll Memory is where the pad looks like a two ended toboggan on the water, as the pad does not want to lay flat. FlexCore has no memory, only roll memory from the foam, and thus our pads lay flatter more quickly when unrolled for use.
One of the most valued features of FlexCore Technology is the flexibility of our pads. As a result of this designed structure, Aqua Lily Pads featuring FlexCore Technology remain very easy to roll and store.

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